How do I search for loads?

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http://freefreightsearch.com — After logging in, you will be on the page we call the "dashboard". From the dashboard, click on the big blue button that says, "Search for Loads". For a very BROAD SEARCH, you may simply enter the state. Results for all loads originating in that state will appear. The default display sorts the search results from newest posted loads to the oldest loads. You may sort the results any way you wish using the "Sort By" drop-down menu above your search results. You may sort by variables such as origin, destination, date posted, pick-up date, etc. To narrow your search results, you may Enter the origin city and state OR zip code. You may expand or reduce the "radius" (the distance you are willing to travel to pick up a load). The wider the radius, the more loads that will appear. The narrower the radius, the fewer loads that will appear. The maximum radius is 500 miles. The minimum radius is 25 miles.

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Written by Adraskinsey
197 days ago
Overcome the challenges of finding motor carriers with free load search boards!

If you are a shipper, you are well aware of the trouble of finding right motor carriers. But there’s a perfect solution with free load search boards. Thousands of truckers having registered here, you can easily find out the right business partner based on several criteria. Overcome this challenge and have a big win!

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