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Owning a hot tub in California – other than any US states is a way of life. While thinking about hot tubs, it’s really easy to envision a group of friends or family enjoying the experience on a hot tub.Originally, redwood hot tubs were a buzz in California. But as the supply of redwood minimized, they changed to Cedar that provided better insulation. The main reason behind California hot tub seems to go together is that many Californians own them. Apart from this, it has to do with attitude.They are the direct results of high electrical costs and cheap natural gas prices. We at Cedar Tubs provide an extensive selection of hot tub heating options for those who want to use gas. Moreover, our gas heater soaking tub with no jets and high performance gas heater with up to 16 jets are right for you. Contact us at +1 (800) 759-8990.


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    We have been shipping almost 25% hot tubs in California due to the popularity and culture as well as the weather well-suited to a wooden hot tub..

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