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Glass fiber extraction thimbles have been widely used since it was launched in 1974, which are highly efficient filters for collecting dust, acid mist, beryllium, and other harmful substances.

Because of glass fiber extraction thimbles, smoke extraction has been greatly improved.

Conditions of use for glass fiber extraction thimbles
According to reports, glass fiber is heated to above 200 ℃ and then cooled, whose strength would start falling constantly. Fiber is heated to 510 ℃, and then cooled, intensity only keep 35% of the original. Fiber can maintain high strength when heated, but a
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fter cooling, its strength is greatly reduced.

During the loading and unloading of the glass fiber extraction thimbles, they will not be subjected to the tearing force, shear, etc., and should not be broken. If gaps, cracks and uneven thickness are found, it cannot be used, so as not to be broken by air flow and cause sampling failure.

Features of glass fiber extraction thimbles
1. High purity borosilicate glass fibers;
2. Temperatures up to 500°C (932°F);
3. Low weight loss, high efficiency, and good strength.
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The extraction thimble is a type of cylindrical element for filtration. Generally, it is divided into filtering cartridges as gas and a liquid medium.

Thimbles of liquid filtering medium are usually installed inside the pipeline. Besides, featuring a conical shape of the filter cartridge is usually, they are also named conical filter cartridge.


Common filter materials of extraction thimble involve wood pulp fiber paper and polyester non-woven fabric, among which the later one can process coating, oil-proof, water-proof and static-proof methods.

Installation Method

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are vertical lifting, inclined installation(according to specific angles) and flange installation .etc.


1. Improve the effective filtering area on a large scale.
2. Confirm a low and stable pressure difference and increase the circulation of air volume.
3. The compact filter element is easy to be installed.
4. Especially suitable for industries of high dust concentration.


The size of the extraction thimble is frequently referred to overseas imported samples. Hence, the common specifications are 12.75′, 13.84′, and 26′ in height, which after conversion to metric are actually325 * 660 mm and 350 * 660 mm.
With the progress of dust removal technology, the concentration of particulate matter in the exhaust from fixed pollution sources is getting lower and lower, which requires more precise and accurate monitoring methods. The quality stability of glass fiber extraction thimbles is the key to quality control.

If the quality of the glass fiber extraction thimbles is unstable, there will be a large error in the measured data, which will make it impossible to obtain accurate monitoring results.

In general, if glass fiber extraction thimbles are only baked once (105℃/h), its error is bigger. If
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the influence of exhaust temperature is taken into account, the error will be larger. After several baking treatments, the error is reduced.

The analysis of heavy metals in the exhaust gas is an important part of monitoring heavy metals in the exhaust gas. The quality of our glass fiber extraction thimbles is the key to our quality control.

There is still much discussion on the quality control and smoke extraction of glass fiber extraction thimbles. However, every batch of glass fiber extraction thimbles shall be analyzed for its weightlessness
Generally speaking, bottle-top dispenser which is a scientific device could improve the wide application, safety performance, speed and reliability. In addition, it could save your time and work, even protect you and your samples. To be more specific, the advantages of the bottle-top dispenser are as follows:
1. It’s convenient to use bottle-top dispenser, which ensures the lab security. It’s time-saving and labor-saving for the reason that every bottle could have its own dispenser. In addition, the enclosed environment of solvent could eliminate the risk of accidental splashing. The smoke is
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under control so that there is no potential danger for human bodies.

2. The accuracy of the bottle-top dispenser is about 0.5%-0.6%. Apart from that, the narrow tube makes it more easy to dispenser in small containers whose volume is 1-5ml.

3. It could not only help daily and complicated lab working but also accelerate working space and improve total productivity. For example, if a mass of samples (50-150) need to be produced without mistake, it could easily speed up working procedure to minimize the risk of contamination.
A bottle-top dispenser is a device installed at the mouth of a solvent bottle to take a large amount of solution and has been constantly updated and improved to meet the growing operational requirements of the laboratory for more than ten years.
There are two kinds of bottle-top dispensers: mechanical (0.5 – 5ml, 1 – 10ml, 2.5 – 25ml and 5 – 50ml) and electronic (0.1 – 99.9ml).
Installation instructions of bottle-top dispensers
1. Install the suction pipe;
2. Install the return pipe;
3. Install the distribution pipe;
4. Install the reagent bottle;
5. Prepare the suction and separation;
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6. Get rid of air bubbles;
7. Quantitative liquid separation;
8. Handle after use;
9. Simple maintain and cleaning.
All-purpose/hydrofluoric acid bottle-top dispensers
They are suitable for hydrofluoric acid, strong acid, nicotinic acid, alkali, solvent and extreme dangerous liquid. The valve has no spring structure, no corrosion and metal ion contamination reagent, suitable for trace analysis. Strengthen the safety valve to prevent the release of niacin/odor chemical liquid odor.
The materials of bottle-top dispensers are mainly optical glass, Al2O3, ETFE, PFA, FEP, PTFE, platinum-iridium alloy, PP (safety helmet).
Basically, all the solvents in the lab can use bottle-top dispensers that have the features of high safety and accurate quantification.

1. The basic bottle-top dispenser

The basic bottle-top dispenser is suitable for a wide range of reagents, including general acid, alkali and salt solutions, lower concentrations of non-oxidizing strong acids and strong bases and polar organic solvents (excluding non-polar organic solvents and halogenated hydrocarbons, etc.).

This kind of bottle-top dispensers: the maximum proof pressure 500 m bar; the maximum solution viscosity 500mm2/s; the biggest
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solution heat resistance 40 ℃; the maximum liquid density 2.2 g/cm3.

2. The organic bottle-top dispenser

The organic bottle-top dispenser is suitable for a wide range of organic solvents and a higher concentration of the strong acid solution. This kind of bottle-top dispensers: the maximum proof pressure 500 m bar; the maximum solution viscosity 500mm2/s; the maximum liquid density 2.2 g/cm3.

3. The hydrofluoric acid bottle-top dispenser

It is applicable to HF solution only. Ceramic pistons are used because HF corrodes the glass, and the reagent bottles should be plastic. This kind of bottle-top dispensers: the maximum proof pressure 500 m bar; the maximum solution viscosity 500mm2/s; the maximum liquid density is 3.8 g/cm3.
Hawach electronic bottle-top dispenser can dispense liquid directly from a reagent bottle or from any container via a versatile base.

The electronic bottle-top dispenser is the new generation of the intelligent electronic bottle-top dispenser, which can complete the liquid separation work you need with a simple press on the LCD screen.

Do you want to perform a series of 1 – 9999 large scale repeat separations on different reagents? Want to divide the volume of liquid into several volumes at once? Hawach electronic bottle-top dispensers can help you.

Features of electronic bottle-top d
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Built-in high-precision electronic motor, no lubrication, no maintenance consumables, reduce maintenance costs, can be integrated with the automated production line at the same time through the software or signal line. Improve work efficiency and reduce cost. Easy to clean, can be used for aseptic filling.

In addition, the electronic bottle-top dispenser has a step function in addition to conventional liquid dispensers. The standard step function can realize several times of liquid dispensers of the same or different volumes after a piston cleaning fluid, which is required for unconventional and flexible liquid discharge.
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Filtration is one of the most widely used laboratory techniques we use in laboratories and elsewhere. Filter papers seems like a kind of magical paper that separates the solvent and solid. You might spend a long time finding the suitable filter paper for your experiment or project and want this process to be easier.

Here are some important parameters for you to refer to when you choose the filter paper:

1. What particle size does it hold on to? (This is known as particle retention.)
2. Will the filtered chemical be compatible with your solution? (This can affect the contamination of the
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sample as well.)
3. Will you be able to get the solid sample off the filter papers when you need to?
4. How much solid sample could the filter paper hold before it gets clogged up? (This is known as loading capacity.)
5. How quickly will the solution flow through the filter paper? (This is known as flow rate. It is quite related to the loading capacity.)
6. Will the filter papers break during filtration? (This is in some way measured as wet strength.)

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